Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Rimon Law Group Inc.
Case Study

The Scene

  • The firm operates out of several locations.
  • The operations of the firm are decentralized, including the purchase of paper. 
  • The firm had taken the first step of administering a sustainability survey to examine each locations resource usage and practices. The survey was completed to develop metrics for improvement.
  • The firm’s sustainability activities were fragmented across the firm.


  • Calculate the carbon footprint of the firm.
  • Identify opportunities for carbon footprint reduction.
  • Determine if an industry average CO2 per lawyer exists.

Process and Achievements

  • Review the existing sustainability survey and incorporate any gathered data into a new data collection initiative.
  • Gather consumption data on paper usage, business travel, employee commuting and power utilities to calculate the carbon footprint.
  • Utilized the ecoAnalyze ed3 carbon footprint tool to measure Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3
  • Develop benchmarks and metrics for improvement in areas of sustainability.
  • Conduct extensive research to ascertain a legal industry CO2 per lawyer statistic for benchmarking purposes.

 Next Steps

 Branding and Communications

  • Develop communications strategy to announce the calculation of the firm's carbon footprint.
  • Enhance existing website to demonstrate Rimon’s commitment and transparency to its sustainability program.

 GRI Compliant CSR Report

  • Collaborate to explore the development of a comprehensive GRI compliant CSR Report for submission to the Global Reporting Initiative.