Saturday, April 19, 2014

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ecoAnalyze provides a central location for all of your sustainability informational needs.  Whether you are a seasoned sustainability expert within your law firm, a law student seeking sustainable law firms or just getting started with a law firm "green" team, our resources section will greatly assist you with gaining up-to-date knowledge of sustainability practices within the legal community.

Log on to our complimentary resources section and:

  • gain access to useful information and links that focus specifically on law firm sustainability;
  • review general sustainability information and interesting articles;
  • see what formal law firm sustainability bodies are at your disposal;
  • link directly to other sources of useful sustainability information;
  • compare your firm's sustainability activities with your peer law firms via our web-based law firm sustainability platform; 
  • see what your clients are doing to be sustainable by viewing a sustainable listing of the top 500 US corporations.