Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Your Sustainable Brand Value
Let us provide your firm a complimentary "Sustainability Value Snapshot."
ecoAnalyze can offer 360° insight into you sustainable branding proposition.   

We will conduct an assessment of your communications, branding and sustainability activities and give recommendations to enhance your sustainable brand.

Discover ecoAnalyze’s comprehensive suite of web-based Environmental Sustainability Management Tools


Carbon Footprint Measurement & Management Tool

ecoAnalyze's web-based carbon footprint calculating and reporting tool, ed3, enables a law firm to easily calculate its carbon footprint to establish a benchmark and to measure future efforts to reduce its impact on the environment.

Use interactive charts and share carbon reduction results with employees via your intranet to drive behavioral change to reduce operating consumption of paper, electricity and unnecessary travel to save on costs.


Interactive Employee Commute Questionnaire

With ecoAnalyze’s employee work commute survey, it is easy to establish employee commute patterns and the impact they have on your overall carbon footprint. Use the tool to encourage alternative forms of transportation or car pooling. Each employee can view their own work commute carbon footprint, which has proved to be a great way to engage employees in the process. 


Downstream Sustainability Vendor Survey

Commercial enterprises, including law firms, are in a unique position to drive sustainability through the supply chain. Nothing encourages change more than financial implications, and with our vendor survey you can easily incorporate environmental sustainability into your procurement activity. ecoAnalyze’s vendor survey enables a law firm to enhance their sustainability program by claiming that it is driving environmental sustainability though its supply chain. With the tool, you can request your vendors to complete an online survey and see the results in real-time, as well as cross reference vendors to ensure you are making educated purchasing decisions that incorporate sustainability.


LEED Certification Management Tool for Leased Office Space Build-outs
(Winter 2012)

LEED Certification is certainly one of the most arduous recognitions to achieve as it utilizes a complex point system to assess your qualification.  Receiving a LEED award for your office space build-out is one of the most visible ways to show your commitment to operating as a sustainable enterprise.  If you are opening a new office, leasing floors or refurbishing an office, you can use our web-based LEED Certification Management Tool to easily assess the viability of becoming certified and prioritize actions to meet the point threshold while staying on budget.

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