Sunday, April 20, 2014

So You’re Graduating From Law School.  Welcome to the Big Leagues. 

Most graduating law students snag a position from the largest firm with the best benefits that they have interned with before.  What many do not realize is that this is your chance to define what you want from the firm, the legal industry as a whole, and the shape of your career.  Choosing a firm that matches your core social, economic, and environmental values will create validity in your job and create an authentic workplace for your employer.  Selecting firms that lead progressive transformations could not only impact the growth of your career, but change the face of the legal industry.  


Find A Firm That Fits.  Find A Firm That Keeps It Real.

Deciding on a firm that shares your values will keep you engaged and endows you with a sense of pride. Understand the core values of a potential employer in order to determine which one is right for you.  You can see how important particular values are to a firm by observing what type of, if any, programs it has initiated.  Are environmental issues important to you?  What does your potential firm do in terms of being operationally responsible to the environment?  Does the firm in question:

  • Recycle or have a waste reduction and management program?
  • Lease space in a LEED Certified building, or have an energy reduction program?
  • Promote commuter solutions like teleworking and carpooling?
  • Partake in pro-bono environmental representation for the underprivileged?
  • Care about associate and employee environmental initiatives?
  • Participate in national, state, or local bar association's sustainability program?

Ask yourself what type of law firm you want to be a part of as you start your career. You want to work for a law firm that believes in green building design and is able to create a better working environment for employees. EcoAnalyze can connect you to firms that are working for a more sustainable legal industry.  Meet firm leaders, teams, and groups that are making the most difference for a healthier industry and world.  Take your future into your own hands.  Choose a firm that fits your values authentically.


EcoAnalyze Wants You!  Student Action

Connecting law students to the future of legal sustainability is tantamount to keeping the industry green.  ecoAnalyze is developing a nation-wide network of law students called ecoWise.  The aim of this student network is to connect students to law firms that have taken steps to become sustainable as well as other law students around the nation.

Law Student Connections
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