Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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How Green are Your Law Firms?

Within a few quick, easy steps, have your law firm providers answer questions as to their sustainability efforts. 

With our web-based Law Firm Provider Environmental Sustainability Survey you will receive your results in easy-to-read summaries and be able to identify sustainable law firms with which you will want to strengthen relationships.

Whether you are the CEO, General Counsel, a company procurement department, an entrepreneur or a government official, ecoAnalyze can help you:

Support Company Sustainability Objectives and Internal CO2 Reduction Targets

Support company objectives and align the purchasing of legal services with your organization’s Corporate Responsibility efforts.

  • Incorporate sustainability into the process for purchasing legal service.
  • Help achieve company sustainability targets by auditing your preferred law firms on their sustainability efforts.
  • Compare sustainability programs between firms on your panel and generate easy to read management reports for internal use and on-going monitoring.

Align Government Related Legal Purchasing with the Administration’s Direction

When your department, committee, task force, or working group sources legal services, ensure compliance with the Administration’s desire to reduce the impact on the environment of governmental and commercial operations.

Partner with Sustainable Law Firms

ecoAnalyze's easy-to-use, free, web-based, law firm vendor survey allows you to easily reach out to your law firms and ascertain which ones are behaving as sustainable legal enterprises.

Within a few quick steps, you can send the law firm vendor survey to all your law firm providers and have them answer questions as to their sustainability efforts.

The survey will provide you with easy-to-read summaries so you can identify the "greenest" law firms and satisfy your CEO and the procurement department that you are seeking to support this important company objective.

Compare your program with those of your peers and identify additional ways to enhance your sustainable branding.

Send us an email with your questions.