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Understand the components that drive law firm related carbon emissions
Determine your carbon footprint
Establish and implement policies and actions to reduce your direct carbon footprint
Reduce the direct business costs of running a law firm
Position your law firm to clients, regulatory and government bodies, law students and the business community
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Contribute to your Corporate Responsibility Program, differentiate from your competitors and enhance market perception with our sustainability services.

As the only eco-consultancy solely dedicated to the law firm community, our solutions are specifically designed to meet the challenges law firms face in their sustainability initiatives. We provide services to law firms at all stages of their initiatives from creating the initial strategy, to developing “green teams” and gaining verification and acknowledgments for their sustainability efforts, to acting as the law firm’s sustainability department.

We have several ways to help you contribute to your Corporate Responsibility Program through the services we provide:



Sustainability Program Development & Implementation

Meet the challenge.  ecoAnalyze can help you achieve success in your sustainability program.  Firms face many obstacles in developing and implementing a plan, including knowledgeable staff and resource constraints.  We can do the work for you.  Our team will act as your personal sustainability staff whether your needs are strategic, consultative, or administrative.  As your staff, we can design a sustainability plan that is right for your firm, act as your "green team," provide logistical assistance, or help you with task completion. 

   Environmental Sustainability Audit

Know where you stand. We will take your firm through the carbon and business activity discovery process to identify key carbon-producing activities. We will review with you the firm's operational purchases to assess environmental impact.  We will also review all sources of carbon-related data, including an assessment of start-to-end data flow and processes, as well as financial accounting and expense systems, data capture and storage.


Verifications & Acknowledgments

Become verified and receive acknowledgment for your sustainability efforts. We provide guidance on becoming a CO2 reduction law firm leader. We can help you become verified through ed3 and help you report to organizations like the GRI and CDP. We also help you learn how to obtain a number of legal industry-recognized acknowledgements on carbon reduction activity, including ABA-EPA Law Office Climate Challenge and Law Office Climate Challenge Leader program, EPA Green Power Partnership and Energy Star Program as well as local and other national recognitions and awards.


Key Stakeholder Assessment

Find out what your stakeholders think. We interview select partners, employees, clients and building management to assess the relevance of sustainability to the culture of the firm, its market brand and client perceptions. With our assessment, your client’s thoughts will help you align your efforts with theirs, help you communicate your efforts and will provide you with the opportunity to help your clients reach their own internal carbon reduction targets.


Management Buy-in and Thought Leadership

Develop a consensus. The success for any initiative starts with management. We work with firm management to obtain leadership buy-in through a number of discussions and presentations with partners, heads of administration and departments. We collaborate on thought development to set the stage for launching any sustainability program.


Employee Engagement

Include your employees. Your employees will have an immense impact on your sustainability program. We will help you develop your internal communications to promote sustainability initiatives and create a “green team” and other core teams for specific sustainability programs. We also help you design sustainability activities and challenges that will engage, educate and connect your employees  all the while reducing your environmental impact.


Strategy and Business Case ROI

Justify the program. We work with leadership and staff to develop an over-all strategy to meet short, medium and long -term objectives. We conduct a cost/benefits analysis to support the business case for a prospective program. We help you define a successful outcome and develop a plan to achieve it.


Mid- to Long-Term Sustainability Roadmap

Plan the strategy. Whether you want to establish carbon reduction targets, enhance your internal communications and “green” PR, build practice platforms, or become the most sustainable law firm in your market, we will help you determine your goals, create and implement a strategy and aid with the ongoing development of the program.


Marketing Strategies & “Green” PR

Leverage your market position. We provide a Market Positioning Assessment to review all of your peer law firms and assess their current market positions of promoting their environmental sustainability. We will identify opportunities for you to differentiate from or surpass peer firms and become a leader in the market. With our branding and “green” PR we can help you create that unique brand positioning to help you differentiate your firm. We also will help you develop your sustainability policies and help you communicate that message through various outlets to clients, employees, future talent, the local business community and general public.


Market & Service Opportunity Development

Optimize your sustainability efforts. We will assist you in leveraging your firm’s sustainability profile to promote legal services to the new and rapidly growing “green” markets, such as renewable energy, carbon regulation and trading, clean technology, sustainable project finance and development, energy and infrastructure projects, green venture funds and capital raising. We can also help you discover market opportunities in your practices by identifying areas that are being impacted by sustainability and climate change and help you communicate your services to key stakeholders, such as clients, law students and government officials.


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"A clear understanding of the law environment gave ecoAnalyze an immediate advantage.  We will also be collaborating with ecoAnalyze to develop a clear message regarding our sustainable accomplishments to key stakeholders such as clients, employees, law students, and the business community at large."

Jeffrey Eberhard
Managing Partner
Smith Freed & Eberhard