Interactive Employee Commute Questionnaire

Employee commuting has an immense impact on the environment.  For most companies, particularly law firms, the employee commute footprint is the largest source of emissions.  An average commute for one employee can create 12,000 lbs of CO2 emissions in one year.   How much does your law firm's employee commute contribute to CO2 emissions?  How do you measure the impact?  Once you've measured, how do you reduce that impact?

Utilizing ecoAnalyze's Interactive Employee Commute Questionnaire your law firm will will be able to determine how much your firm's employee commute contributes to CO2 emissions. Created in line with the GHG Protocol and WRI guidelines, the Questionnaire measures emissions using mode of transportation, type of fuel, days of commuting, and fuel efficiency.  The CO2 emissions results from the Questionnaire can be used to report to the organizations like the GRI and Climate Registry and may be included in your firm's CSR Report.

The Questionnaire results provide your law firm with the opportunity to learn how to greatly reduce the employee commute impact.  You will be able to discover commuting behaviors, analyze trends amongst different employee groups, understand how to drive change amongst your employees and provide opportunities for employees to improve their commutes.  Your law firm will be able to make informed decisions on ways to influence commuting behaviors such as changing subsidies or developing a sustainability or commuting program. 

Our web-based Interactive Employee Commute Questionnaire is designed to be quick to complete and easy to use to guarantee higher response rates and greater engagement of your employees.  The Questionnaire allows you to provide each employee with his or her own personal commuting carbon footprint on completion of the survey.  By providing this personal footprint, your employees will know that your law firm is committed to sustainability and that each employee matters.

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