Monday, April 21, 2014

ED3 Lite: ecoAnalyze's Free Carbon Footprint Calculator

It's a new year, now is the time to measure your law firm's carbon footprint for 2011

Your law firm wants to go green and now is the best time to determine your law firm's carbon footprint.  Before you start your law firm's sustainability program or begin that new sustainability initiative, measure what your firm is doing now so you can see the impact of those changes over the course of the year.  ED3 Lite will estimate your firm's carbon footprint and determine your law firm's baseline carbon emissions.  ED3 Lite will estimate your law firm's carbon emissions from the largest law firm sources of emissions:  utilities, business travel, commuting and paper.  

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When your firm is ready to take its sustainability program to the next level of carbon monitoring, reporting and carbon reduction, contact us to try ED3 Pro, ecoAnalyze's carbon management tool.  ED3 Pro will help you confidently and accurately measure and report your carbon footprint to reporting organizations as well as to your clients and employees.  ED3 Pro allows firms to measure their environmental impact down to every office, sheet of paper, every mile flown and every hour billed.  ED3 Pro is the only tool of its kind developed for the legal field:  it is designed with the specific business model, operations and needs of a large law firm in mind.  With ED3 Pro, law firms can establish carbon reduction targets and engage employees through our dynamic, web-based platform.  ED3 Pro also comes with an online employee commute survey and vendor sustainability questionnaire. 

How does ecoAnalyze calculate emissions?

We use internationally recognized standards and guidelines, like the GHG Protocol when we calculate your emissions as well internationally recognized sources to determine the emissions factors to apply to your measurements.   Where do these emission factors come from? 


Our Trusted Sources:

Electricity  US EPA's eGrid
Natural Gas & Heating Oil  US DOE's EIA
 Rail US EPA Climate Leaders
 Paper The Environmental Defense Fund


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