Thursday, April 17, 2014

Downstream Sustainability Vendor Survey

Green Your Supply Chain.

Why should your law firm green its supply chain?  Foremost, it's an effective method to reduce environmental impact.  Those vendors who regard you as a key client will align with your sustainability goals.  Ask your vendors to collaborate with you in your firm's sustainability initiatives and to share the environmental responsibility.  Have your vendors meet the same standards that you have set for your firm. 

One of the mose effective ways to enhance your sustainability program is to incorporate environmental sustainability into your purchasing decisions.  Using our Downstream Vendor Sustainability Survey you can incorporate green principles into your procurement process.  You can ensure acceptable levels of environmental responsibility with your vendors by evaluating their sustainability programs, environmental stewardship, GHG reduction initiatives, recycling, energy programs and more.  By reviewing your supply chain you will gain greater insight into the values of your vendors and make better informed decisions about with whom you would like to strengthen your vendor relationships.   

Not only will you have strengthened your key vendor relationships and reduced environmental impact, you will find opportunities to increase your profitability by having your vendors review their processes and you will be able to enjoy an enhanced market reputation for your commitment to influence and spread environmental responsibility.

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