Discover law firm sustainability metrics

Measure to provide meaningful and quantifiable baselines for targets and benchmarking.

Design unified organization-wide programs to realize goals that unite the firm with meaningful purpose.

Take targeted, managed & informed metric driven actions to achieve program goals and demonstrate verifiable progress.

Engage firm members to ensure lasting program success and embed core values in firm fabric.

Uncover inefficiencies in existing business operations and identify alternative sustainable cost saving improvements.

Distinguish your firm to stakeholders.

Leverage achievements to drive media campaigns from local to global level that increase exposure and recognition.

Take advantage of quantifiable metrics to facilitate confident industry reporting and position your firm as a recognized leader .

Raise visibility in a competitive marketplace and differentiate your firm via sustainability driven campaigns that emphasize firm character.

Communicate to personnel how program success has elevated firm culture with respect to its peers

Stand out from competition in the RFP process by presenting verifiable sustainability credentials.

Develop new relationships

Leverage enhanced reputation and respect to develop new relationships and business opportunity.

Reinforce bonds with existing clients through brand alignment and shared values and goals.

Attract quality talent by establishing unique recruitment outreaches that emphasize social values and firm culture.

Gain access to a thriving sustainability focused marketplace through innovative branding and perceived expertise.

Develop new methods of energized interaction with personnel that promote personal esteem, well-being, firm loyalty and pride.

The Challenge for Law Firms

Law firms face a unique set of challenges in contrast to traditional enterprises with regard to sustainability due their organizational structure and personality driven management processes. With so many different competing priorities and individual interests within an organization it can be a challenge to reach any agreement or consensus that satisfies all stakeholders. This is especially so if it involves a material investment of time or capital that has no immediate and apparent positive impact on the bottom line.

Often longstanding members of firm management have become accustomed to operating in a seemingly efficient, familiar and comfortable manner, which adequately fulfills all their perceived needs. Hence any attempt to affect substantial change may be met with stiff resistance, particularly if it requires the modification of deeply ingrained habits and behavior.

Furthermore law firms frequently operate in silos where each office location or practice group operates as an individual entity with its own specific procedures and policies, which inhibits the ability to implement uniform and coordinated programs that span the enterprise.

Consequently, any endeavor to introduce sustainability driven change into a law firm must be approached using a sensitive and well-informed strategy, backed by solid evidence of the benefits and a well structured plan of execution.

"Our distinct combination of technology, sustainability and law firm experience gives EcoAnalyze a unique position and unparalleled perspective in assisting your law firm succeed with it's sustainability goals."

We understand your challenges

EcoAnalyze is the only sustainability focused technology company dedicated to the law firm community.

We build technology solutions.
Our primary business is technology. We build customized online tools to assist law firms in collecting, managing, sharing and analyzing sustainability related data across the organization.

We know sustainability.
We are an eco-focused company. We are familiar with all aspects of sustainability, particularly those of interest to law firms. We understand the challenges you face and can provide practical solutions, education and advice to help your law firm achieve its goals.

We are dedicated to law firms.
We serve the legal industry and provide support to any legal-industry related organization. We are well experienced in the operation of law firms and can therefore provide the most practical, specific and relevant expertise you require.

Because we understand law firms

EcoAnalyze is the original founder and driving force behind the Law Firm Sustainability Network, the only US focused 501(c3) non-profit organization of its kind. In this capacity we not only maintain a permanent seat on the Leadership Council and Board of Directors, but also administer the network. This involves managing it's day to day operations, organizing educational webinars, interacting with members, and providing technology support to all participants, from top AmLaw 100 law firms to smaller single office enterprises.

Additionally, we also managed the development and successful launch of the American Legal Industry Sustainability Standard (ALISS), whose original specification was broadly based on EcoAnalyze's Law Firm Environmental Sustainability Benchmark Survey.

"Such a comprehensive and centralized role gives us an unparalleled vision into the world of law firm sustainability and the deepest insights into the real-world challenges, solutions, and success stories across the legal industry."

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